Monday, February 16, 2004

It really is about Credibility

I just finished reading Milt Shook's essay on Bush's credibility. You can read it at his Lying Socialist Weasels web site:The Daily Weasel

It's entitled "It's Not About Military Service"

I wholeheartedly agree. It has very little to do with Bush's military service. This spot on Bush's resume only serves to illustrate what kind of person George W. Bush is. Consider that this man, who talks like Rambo, dresses like G.I. Joe (with Kung Fu Grip), and is as bright as a 4 watt bulb; hasn't spoken a word of truth to the American people since he took office.

Now, I'm not just spewing some angry left-wing pinko rhetoric based on mere disagreement on the issues, but am bringing to your attention a pattern of behavior that, coming from the President of the United States, is a blatant spit in the face to every man, woman, and child that salutes the Red, White, and Blue each day.

Our president emphatically says one thing and does another. He is a classic bait and switch salesman. George Bush is looking out for only one person, himself. He was raised to be a self-centered, pampered, vapid, uninquisitive, greedy bastard. His ancestors were the worst of the worst at the dawn of capitalism. They were the kind of men who sent widows and orphans into the cold because they were 5 cents short on the rent.
These men were cut from the same cloth as those who owned the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in March 24, 1911; where 146 women and men died in a tragic fire where the escape doors and the accesses were blocked. Some women jumped to their deaths from the top floors of the building rather than be burned alive. The owners were found not guilty of any infraction and settled the inevitable lawsuits at $75 per death.

When I say that the current Bush spawn is corrupt, I mean it from the roots up.

There is little one person can do to rid ourselves of this menace. The only way to deal with this travesty is to disinfect the entire Capital. Beating Bush this year isn't the only priority, flushing out the other Bush Crime family loyalists that inhabit the Senate and Congress. Men like Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Denny Hastert, and a host of other right-wing wonks need to be sent back to the swamps and under the rocks from whence they came.

What we have to do is keep the faith. We have to gather together our loved ones, our friends, our co-workers, our neighbors and keep the issues fresh in front of them. Debate, argue, joke, complain, whatever it takes to keep the issues in the mix. If we allow them to forget about the lies, they will start to believe them all over again. Some of the heartiest flag wavers won't be swayed. Leave them be, ignore them for they are as blind as a bat and as ignorant as a bigot.

Go to meetings, hold gatherings at your house to discuss the issues, play boardgames and talk politics. We have to do anything we legally can to beat back the Bush dynasty. Let their reign end here.