Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th! Oooooo!

Waning full moon, Friday the 13th, Rush Limbaugh still has a radio show, lots of things to be 'fraid of.

Why Friday the 13th? Personally, I would think MONDAY the 13th would be unlucky. At least on Friday you have a weekend to look forward to.

On Monday the 13th, if you have a shitty day you still have four more days of work to make it worse!

Just a thought.

So More It Be,
David A.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act - See, 'choice' is in there!

Damn crooked bastards.

I've been listening to the debate over the Employee Free Choice Act and Jesus H. Christ on a corndog, this is a fucking disaster. Not the bill, the EFCA is due, more than fucking due in the workforce today. I mean, after eight years of anti-worker GOP legislation and a virulently anti-union administration, I think the country is ready for some recovery from the stupid.

All the swinging wingnuts on the TV Box are caterwauling and bleating like a bunch of asthmatic lambs about how this bill will 'take away worker's right to a secret ballot.'


There's nothing in the bill that restricts any worker from voting by secret ballot if they want a union. This bill gives them the choice to hold an election by either open ballot or secret ballot - THEIR CHOICE!

This bill also provides protection from all those creepy 'one-on-one' meetings companies hold with workers who express an interest in forming a union. Hell, there's a whole industry out there who's sole purpose is to provide companies anti-union information, tactics and smear merchants to intimidate the workers into dropping any union-forming aspirations.

In an economy like this, a union's protection will go a long way to keeping people employed and keeping employers from taking advantage of the job climate to get workers to pull back on wages and benefits.

Any company who is in dire straights right now can't blame the unions or labor costs, as much as the wingnuts want to. Speculating in the derivative market, stupid business practices and being blinded by unadulterated greed is the culprit and what's eating at the foundation of America's economy.

These fuckers use working people like they use toilet paper.

Again, this is just the fucking Republican bastards putting their own greed and self-interests ahead of what's good for the country. Not one of those fuckers are worth the powder to blow them to Hell. Every night, I watch them bloviate and piss and moan about how 'socialist' Pres. Obama is. Do they know what that word even means?

This all reminds me of the Red Scare of my childhood. Behind every tree and bush was a Commie ready to circumvent 200 years of democracy by sheet magic. Thousands of people were ostracized and blacklisted because some where at some time, they were at a party or a meeting where someone else who was accused of being a Communist had been. What a fucking crock!

It's the Party of Fear and Ignorance. The GOP is as anti-American as Castro's left nut. Nothing would please them more than to have this country falter and spin into the abyss just so they can say "I told you so!" I would even go so far as to say that if John Boenner or Eric Cantor had evidence of a terrorist attack on a city like San Francisco, they would keep it to themselves. One, they could say 'I told you so!' and two, they could give a rat's nutsack about any of the residents of that American city. Every one of those bastards would cry alligator tears on the TV Box but high five each other in private.

Sen. Reid better let this bill come to a vote in the Senate, 60 votes or not. Let the American people see who's for and against it. Get some spine, Senator! Is it too much to ask to use some of the political capital we've given you. What are you fucking saving it for? A God damn rainy day?

So Mote It Be,
David A.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

'Tis the Season...

Spring is just burgeoning, the last of the snows are falling away and the bright colors of the early blooms peek out from the winter ground. Thoughts of new growth, of seeds and soil replace the dreary seclusion of the dark cold turn of the year.

The ramblings of everyday life are pushed back as the vibrant green of Spring takes it first steps onto the wasteland of winter's keep. My mind wanders away from the ravaged topics that flood the paper and the TV box and meanders into the colorful pages of possibility, of what could be. The garden, small as it is, will be grand as a forest and as fruitful as an orchard.

Time to grow.

There was a time, not that long ago when I would be preparing to usher in the bright of the year with pomp and ceremony, Mystic pagan rituals, gatherings of high priestesses and druid mages to welcome the Gods and Goddesses to our world once again. Those days are not gone but set aside to allow the immediate, the mundane world to traipse in and foul the air and spoil the ground. There will be a time for magick. Soon.

Labrys, at Walk of the Fallen, has a wonderfully magickal post on a pleasant Heathen morning. It gave me pause to reconsider something that I have neglected for far too long.

I am Pagan. I walk within Gaia's influence, seek knowledge from Her wards and treasure troves. The politics of the last eight years have given rise to the mundane, the mendacity of humanity and its never ending quest to send itself spiraling into history. At first, I fought back as a Pagan, with the tools that I acquired through years of study and meditation. This was not enough. I had to fight the Beast within its own lair, on its home soil.

As a consequence, I fell away from my faith. I walked with the devil and now can only see what the devil has left for me. Until the spring...

Allow me this moment to pull back a bit to a time when I stood in circle and called the corners of the wind. When friends and family would gather and bring forth magick that hadn't been seen in hundreds of years. When the Universe itself would heed our call and cast out the fear and ignorance that had been given life by desperate men playing childish games. A time when fable met fact and the fabric of Nature would conform to our humble request.

Magick rules the Universe. It is the brick and mortar of Creation and the Will of the Gods. It isn't reserved for priests or pastors, mages or wizards; it is reserved for all of us. We use it to bring Life to our life, to set the stage for the next great advance, to herald in a new Age. Magick is the stuff of Dreams.

My Christian friends will not agree and that's how it should be. There should always be dissent, challenges to the status quo. Even something as natural as Pagan Magick should be spurned by the bulk of humanity. Most people have neither the heart nor the soul to chase a Dragon into its lair, but only there is the treasure.

Throughout history, the difficult road kept most of humankind within sight of their own house. We did not tempt fate, did not venture into places we could not run from. Yet in every generation were born those who could not be held captive by ignorance. To them, the horizon was just the first stepping stone, the prize was on the other side of the mountain, just beyond the edge of the world. We see these men and women as pioneers but when they lived, they were outcasts, malcontents who could not be bound by deserts and oceans. They tasted the Magick and wanted more. The established order imprisoned them, burned them, locked them away in lofty towers of stone and fear. Still they came and still they ventured into the unknown. Against the armies of God, they touched the whole world with their magick.

For two thousand years we've been told that only God can be a god. But we are of the same star stuff as any deity, there is no reason why we can't dabble in godhood once in a while. Being a god isn't throwing thunderbolts at your enemies, it's giving your enemies reason to throw them at each other. It isn't bringing a dead lover back to life, it's breathing life into the legacy of that person so all may see the joy of their time on Earth. This is godhood.

The snows of February are dwindling and the blooms of March are breaking ground beneath. We cringe from the cold and the dark of winter and may not notice the dawn of Spring. But the dark of winter is receding and the time has come to climb out of the shadows, shake off the cold and with shovel, soil, and seed, break ground for new growth.

The darkness is as deep and cold as it has ever been, for some there seems no respite, no sign that the light is returning. Despair and anguish have taken root. Perhaps, as a service to one's family and friends, we can help these people with their garden. The first seeds will be the seeds of hope.

So Mote It Be,
Shaman David Aquarius
of Clan Avalon