Sunday, September 05, 2004

Now that was a Hatefest

It's finally over. The Republicans are through tearing a hole in the universe of decency and honest discourse. My eyes are still burning from all the fire and brimstone. Now, the Dems had the dog and pony show last month, but their's was merely entertainment, not a crucifiction.

I have never, in my many years and lives, encountered so much vile and hatred outside a Mississippi lynching. Those delegates were steaming with hatred - and enjoying every soul-burning moment of it.

Now, to be fair, the Dems did their share of mudslinging but the leadership made a concerned effort to stem the tide of vitroil aimed at Bush. Some speakers went astray and lashed out but even their remarks were nothing but party poppers compared to the 'daisycutters' of the Republicans. And nothing could make these GOP freaks more proud.

It's as if being hateful and crass is a new American family value to them. They reveled in the own mud. I know of only one animal that does that.

One example of that was the wearing of of purple heart bandages by some of the delegates. This. of course, is a reference to that insipid smear campaign that Karl Rove orchestrated against John Kerry's honored service in Vietnam.

Well folks, the same Navy that awarded those Purple Hearts (and Bronze and Silver Star) is the same Navy that has been awarding medals to other Vets, including thousands of injured Marines coming home from Iraq over the last two years. Those jackasses who profoundly displayed those little purple insults, spit in the face of every soldier, sailor and marine that left a piece of themselves on the battlefield in service to America.

Am I angry? Damn Right!

I served a hitch in the Navy in the '80's. I didn't get a Purple Heart or fought on a swift boat but I served my country with honor and pride. A great deal of my time in service was in or around the Persian Gulf, keeping the world (and some Kuwaiti tanker ships) safe from extremism. Little to my knowledge at the time, most of the extremism was brewing home in the good ol' USA.

Now, I have a real desire to be fair. Hell, I'm a Liberal - it's in my DNA. So I have listened to the other side. My congressperson is Rep. Jennifer Dunn, retiring GOP from the 8th Dist of WA state. She is surely one of the most conservative people in Congress, although not quite up to the standard of Tom 'Bugman' Delay or Rick 'Buttman' Santorum. I have written her many leters on policy and concerns, like any good patriotic citizen would do. They all go unanswered. As a Liberal in the 8th Dist. of WA state, I do not exist to these people. My words go unheard, unheeded, unresponded to. This is not unexpected. All I can say is I tried.

John Kerry is not the perfect candidate, we don't make those in this country. But he is a candidate that we can work with. He listens to the folks who will put him in office. He's intelligent! Boy, will that be a change.