Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Feces has Hit the Fan

It's been a while since I've entered anything here. I'm trying to get a reasonably decent looking page together along with a lot of links to places you probably already know about and love with all you hearts.

Been listening to a lot of talk radio. Not something I do much, but the opportunity presented itself when Air America went live.
Now, I am a Liberal and it is really no point in listening to such talk. I don't need preaching to. I am a loyal, tie-dyed in the wool, grey pony-tailed, hippie living in the woods, drinking chai, member of the ACLU, Greenpeace kinda guy.

I need to get connected again. It is lonely out here in the bush....oops....I mean sticks. I have grown tired of screaming at my radio. If I hear one more right-wing wonk tell me how evil and deceitful I am, or how ignorant and clueless my politics are - I will go freaking postal.

Air America
I was a little surprized by their premiere. It wasn't as flashy as I wish it could have been.

Hey, liberals are the artists, the creative ones. Shouldn't we have at least come up with some great kick-ass music, audio effects that would blow our woofers into mush? I was a little let down, but it was short-lived. The content was what I expected and more. Al Franken is a god-send. I have always loved his humor. He never lets me down, I've been a fan for years. His partner Katherine Lampher was unknown to me but shows that she will hold her own and is no second banana.

I have become a follower of the Goddess of the Earth, Randi Rhodes. Now, as a devoted shamanic Pagan, that's saying a lot. She speaks to my lonely, liberal soul and, yes, it's sexist but I love to listen to smart ladies. But, and this is difficult to say, her voice kills me. I'm sorry Randi, but the templor of your voice gives chills. This isn't about her voice but about my reaction to it. Man, it hurts! Maybe this can be traced back to that ZZ Top concert in 1974. Many brain cells were sacrificed in the maw of the Great Zuu'l that day, I'll tell you.

Regardless, of how much pain I'm in, I will listen to her. Her message is clear, clean and in your face. She pulls no punches and will give no ground. She's right on target and never misses the plate. By the way, did I ever tell you that I am the King of Cliche'?

Talk Radio has far too much influence in our country. Especially the drastic imbalance of it. This is one of those showcase moments in recent history that should have given clues to the Democratic Party about its demise. A point of light that we turned a blind eye to. We should have been there from the beginning. We are the creative ones, dammit, and should have come out swinging when Rush Limbaugh started getting popular. Whenever these right-wing wonks start a new blast of poisonous spittle, we have to meet it head-on.

It's time to take it back...not just the stuff we gave up, but the whole enchilada. I know I sound trite, it's a small price. The actions still have to be made, any delay requires more energy later.

I have little patience for stupidity. There are folks who may be intelligent on the outside, but they is as dumb as a box of rocks in reality. When did humanity get so clueless? Oops, I'm letting my superiority complex show. The best way to find your faults is to point them out on other people. Yeah, yeah, I know. "He who is without sin cast the first stone". But you have to admit there are a lot of 4 watt bulbs out there. They live everywhere.

Gotta go and get the day started...until next time...Shamanqua out...

April 17, 2004