Thursday, January 11, 2007

War with Iran? You gotta be freaking kidding!

Just looking at a few sites as I usually do here at Shamanaqua. Gots lots of time.

Tonight I suffered a bit of a setback brought on by Momma Nature.

The Northwest was inundated with snow and ice last night, I barely got home. Everything was melting all day but it started to get cold. I was heading to work this afternoon when an unexpected slide down an icy road left this old hippy in a ditch. Luckily, one of my neighbors in a very large truck managed to pull me out and get me home. At first I thought my car was damaged, too poor to do much repair (deductible is kinda high) but was relieved to find out otherwise.

So, I sit at home waiting for the dawn and some warmer weather here in the NW to melt the icy roads so I can resume padding the paycheck.

Then, I come across this horror:

“We're In Trouble”

Apparently, we are about to engage in a double secret, super hush-hush, clandestine war on Syria and Iran. Why, just today, our forces attacked and captured the Iranian Embassy in Iraq.

Holy crap on a stick, this is bad. Not only is Bush going against the American people(see link, 70% are against sending more troops into Iraq.) but he's running us over the cliff.
What planet is he on?
Where does he think new troops come from? The magic freaking troop fairy?

Syria and Iran have REAL armies. They won't disolve into the woodwork like Iraq's feeble armed forces. We stand on the brink of a monumental catastrophy. We will be losing far more than a hundred of our bravest troops in a single month. We stand to lose a hundred or more in a single week or, Goddess forbid, a single day!

If you’re interested and could use a refresher course on why this is bad and why it is bad militarily, I suggest you head out to Steve Gilliard’s home, The News Blog. He is an extremely well read man of intelligence and has some great insights from the perspective of a person who has studied war and war campaigns well enough to know just how foolish this escalation is. He sees the claw marks on the wall and they spell doom for our men and women stationed in Iraq.

But it's all a cartoon to the Commander-in-Chief. He stands at his oversized, special made RISK board and dreams of being another Julius Caesar. Bush cares not for these brave soldiers. He will always hold them in contempt. When he was younger and brash and strut around Texas and Alabama in his fresh, clean Texas Air Guard uniform; he would always lose the ladies to the hard-nosed returning vets from Vietnam.

He hated them then, he hates them now. He considered himself to be better then any grunt or jarhead by reason of his pedigree and his wealth.

It’s who he is not what he’s done that should impress people in George’s world. He puts on a bang up show wherever he goes. Dozens of his minions scour each venue he appears at to cleanse it of reality. Only the plastic cartoon fa├žade of victory will do for George Bush I. Even when it’s blatantly obvious and trite, Bush will still stand at his port-a-podium and tell us how wonderful he is and how great his policies are.

Corporate goons and billionaire defense contractors revel in his aura for they know the riches he can bestow. Public money and social responsibility are only for speeches and promises, not for actual funding. To George Bush, talking about something is the same as doing it. If he mentions a program in one of his speeches, why, that’s good enough. No reason to waste any money on it.

This country is heading for the last swirl before it heads out of the bowl. George Bush put us here and it will be up to the rest of us to pull this land out of the drain before the last gulp of the commode send us down the river.

This man deserves nothing less then summary indictment, swift impeachment, and a very long imprisonment. But put Darth Cheney in prison first. Otherwise we will have gone from the toilet bowl to the septic tank.

that's it for now - be good, be fair, but be something!

So mote it be...

David A.