Monday, December 14, 2009

In Hibernation Mode...

Just to let the faithful know that I haven't gone native.

The blog was a good place to vent my thoughts and politics but as in all things, this too must pass.

I'm not done by any means. Just taking a break during the dark of the year. When I return in the Spring, I may have a new outlook or a new direction. I will be stopping by my regular haunts like Ornery Bastard, Monkeyfister, Alternate Brain and a few others just to let you know I'm still drawing breath. Check out the Blogroll for lots of goodness.

The sea is changing for progressives and the weather isn't looking that good. We have been betrayed by our leaders and left out to twist in the wind. All the hard work we accomplished to get a majority in both the House and the Senate and electing Obama was for naught. I'm afraid we underestimated the power of the pundits.

My advice to all...

So Mote It Be...until the Ides of March.
David A.