Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to Spring!

time to brush out the den

The dark of the year is half over. The time for new growth and new beginnings is coming over the horizon. Spring is here.

Pagans call it Ostara. The time for getting the flocks out to the green fields, of turning out the bedding and the stables from the winter doldrums. It is the time when the lamb and the calf show their scrunchy noses to the world.

For us, the coming of Spring heralds in a great new chance to bring a welcome change to, not only the country, but our own lives. Each of us should be looking at ways to slough off the crap that's grown over our lives through the winter.

Clean your place. Open the windows, let Mom Nature do a bit of freshening to your personal atmosphere. If you live in the city and the air is gritty, go out to the woods a few more times to clear out the lungs.

Clean your bod. Stop eating all that crap. Stay AWAY from fucking McDonald's! That shit's like crack! Make your own food. Eat fresh! Hate vegetables? Learn to love them 'cause they'll keep you from becoming bug food before your time. Walk your fat ass around the block. Get the blood moving through those hardened arteries Ronald McDonald gave you. Play a pickup game of ball with kids younger than you (and hope like hell they know CPR!) You have many more muscles than the one you plop on the dinner table each night. Use 'em or lose 'em!

Clean your head. Stop watching TV! Really, stop the blank stare into the Oblivion that's network entertainment. That shit's as bad for you as a basket of Big Macs washed down with a dozen triple thick chocolate shakes. Give yourself 3 shows a week, or less. TIVO them if you can so you can watch them during slow times or just before bedtime. Use the time you used spend in front of the Idiot Box doing something that adds to your life, not sucking it dry. Try an online course. I recommend the Teaching Company. They have some classes (on sale, otherwise the price is too high) that are teh cool! Enrich your life by volunteering or mentoring. Walk the talk, get out of the fucking house and be the cool liberal we all think you are.

Clean your 'hood. Goes along with the last one. Get involved in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors for crying out loud! I lived next door to a couple for three years before I said a single word to them. When I lost my dog, I went over to give them a flyer and started talking. Next thing you know, I have a couple of great friends who are just as liberal as I am! They thought I was a drug dealer (the house I lived in had that reputation before I moved in) Imagine their surprize when they finally met me! I moved out of that house years ago but last month I got a birthday card. Let your neighbors know that you have their back when the shit starts to tumble. During a big storm, my roomie and I got the old chain saw out and cut up some trees up that had fallen across the road. Soon, we had the whole neighborhood out hauling pieces of tree trunk off the road. In no time the road was clear. The county road crew didn't show up for three days. Not everybody will be your bestest buddy but at least you'll know where they all come from; who's got your back and who's a dickhead.

Grow your own! Monkeyfister has the goods on this but I'm still going to put it out one more time. Everyone can grow something, even legally. I live in a small apartment now, with a deck that gets about three to four hours of filtered sunlight from the east. I have three boxes, about 8 square feet of space, to grow my veggies. I'm doing a couple of tomatoes, some herbs and a couple of other veggies that don't need direct sun. I don't think I can get any peppers to grow - damn! I love to grow hot peppers! Regardless, I'm going to get something to grow. If you haven't got the room, find a p-patch that nearby. Got a friend that has space but not the will to do a garden? Strike a deal with them. You help with the funds and the care, they give up a portion of the yard. You split the crop when harvest time comes.

There's a lot of shit going down in the world today. As responsible citizens, it's our duty to do whatever we can to shore up the crumbling foundation of America. Over two decades of Republican bullshit has trashed this nation like a hurricane. Those bastards had a twenty year corporate orgy in our house and left it fucked up and falling apart. Now they're complaining that the roof leaks. Fuck them!

This shit is ours to fix. It needs to be done and done right. No fucking Republican will be around for the recovery but mark my words, they'll be around to take credit for it. That won't happen if we do our part and take stock in it. By being part of the 'boots on the ground' gives you a front row seat to who cares about America and who could give a shit.

So Mote It Be,
David A.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only a Matter of Time...

Can you point me in the direction of Wall Street?

Karma can be a real bitch.

AIG brought this on themselves, I have little sympathy for them. I just hope that the regular people who had nothing to do with this, those who won't make any bonuses or drive fancy cars aren't pulled into the shitstorm that's coming.

I'm afraid, however, that's inevitable. Again, fault lies with AIG.

They thought they were above this, that the machinations of the little people couldn't affect them. The 'great, unwashed masses' were a good source of capital, not something to really think about. Like being concerned for the well being of the ATM versus the money inside.

I hope this gets resolved before anyone gets hurt. There are only a few that really deserve any physical punishment and only after proper due process. Yet this thing could get ugly.

Real fucking ugly, real fucking quick.

So Mote It Be,
David A.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning, it's a shot of Jack

Karl Rove on O'Reilly's gig. Fox News. Everyone on the right hyperventilating over a bullshit article in Politico.

I guess we belong to a 'vast left wing conspiracy'. Wish someone had told me, I never get the memo. I hope there's t-shirts with this one. Last time we had a 'VLWC', I missed the whole thing. I was sick that day and Mom wouldn't write me a note.

The bloviators on the Right just can't stand playing second fiddle. They had their moment in the sun and they went dark. The Republicans got the keys to the car and wrapped it around a tree. Now, we are stuck with the repair bill and they're whining about how its our fault 'cause we gave them the keys.

These idiots are the most pathetics bullshiters in existence. They're damaged goods, poison; if they touch you, you get cooties. Even swamp rats and dung beetles have renounced their membership in the GOP. Watch any of them on the TV Box and you'll be magically transported back to 5th grade. Everyone of them sound like a spoiled kid who just got caught by the teacher cheating on the test. They're obnoxious, vain, greedy, proudly ignorant and just plain vile. I bet they smell like shit too.

Which brings me to some of the news today.

Over at Crooks and Liars, they have a piece on Chris Matthews show where he discusses how Pres. Obama is ceding too much power to Congress. OK, look... this isn't hard, folks. There are three branches of gov't. Yes, I know Bush thought there was only one and a half (him and Cheney are one and the right wing Supremes make up the half) Pelosi and Reid are head of the Congress, that's one third of the power. Obama is head of the Executive, that's another third, and of course the Supremes control the last third. So, to make this easy so even Chris Matthews and his merry band of idiots can understand is simply Obama is working WITH Congress. He recognizes that in order to get shit done, he has to come to the table to deal, not demand.

Eight years of Bush acting like a tin-horn dictator has jaded these dumbasses. They expect every president to come out swinging like a dipshit who didn't get his way. They just can't handle a leader who is actually good at his job. Don't you just wish you could walk onto that set and slap the shit out of each of them.

Talking Points Memo has more bad news about AIG. Those bastards are paying more bonuses with OUR fucking money. But they say they won't do it any more.

Fuck them! Take over the company. Nationalize the bastards! We've poured $170 BILLION DOLLARS down that shit hole and they still feel the need to reward the greedy morons who got them into the mess in the first place. How does this work? At every job I've had, if you fuck up, you go home or at least get reamed by the boss. You don't get a bonus, unless you count continuing your employment a 'bonus'. This company experienced the worst loss for a quarter than any other company in history, $61.7 Billion. They shouldn't have 'bonus' or 'retention award' in their vocabulary. One of the excuses they give is that they need to pay out these awards to keep the good talent at their company.

Bullshit! Talent? What the fuck? Talent at sinking a company? Who would want any of these assholes working at their firm anyway? Don't bonus them, cut them loose.

"We cannot attract and retain the best and brightest talent to lead and staff the AIG businesses, which are now being operated principally on behalf of the American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury," AIG Chairman Edward Liddy said.

This is why we should be massing on Wall Street with pitchforks and torches. These assholes think that they are a breed apart and that their word is Scripture. We've allowed them to rise to this stupid level of importance, now it's time to bring them back to earth. Giving them billions of our dollars was a fucking mistake. The government should have set up a Home Loan Thrift similar to what was done in the 30's to give home owners some help. The big corporations should have been left to twist in the wind.

On Huffington Post...shit, that place always looks like a newspaper puked all over it. Let's see.... Dana Perino says Bush should get credit for the market' recent upsurge. Yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense. Bush leaving office perhaps.

Hmmm....what else is there? Tucker Carlson unloads on Jon Stewart for his take down of that idiot Jim Cramer.

Hahahahahahaha! Tucker Carlson? That's rich! Tucker Carlson has barely the talent of Jon Stewart's last turd. I'm sure he still has damp diapers from the last time they met when he took down Crossfire.

Well, that's all my sensibilities can handle on this Sunday. I have about ten pounds of cranberry pork salami to make today. You all be good or if not, be real bad!

So Mote It Be,
David A.