Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act - See, 'choice' is in there!

Damn crooked bastards.

I've been listening to the debate over the Employee Free Choice Act and Jesus H. Christ on a corndog, this is a fucking disaster. Not the bill, the EFCA is due, more than fucking due in the workforce today. I mean, after eight years of anti-worker GOP legislation and a virulently anti-union administration, I think the country is ready for some recovery from the stupid.

All the swinging wingnuts on the TV Box are caterwauling and bleating like a bunch of asthmatic lambs about how this bill will 'take away worker's right to a secret ballot.'


There's nothing in the bill that restricts any worker from voting by secret ballot if they want a union. This bill gives them the choice to hold an election by either open ballot or secret ballot - THEIR CHOICE!

This bill also provides protection from all those creepy 'one-on-one' meetings companies hold with workers who express an interest in forming a union. Hell, there's a whole industry out there who's sole purpose is to provide companies anti-union information, tactics and smear merchants to intimidate the workers into dropping any union-forming aspirations.

In an economy like this, a union's protection will go a long way to keeping people employed and keeping employers from taking advantage of the job climate to get workers to pull back on wages and benefits.

Any company who is in dire straights right now can't blame the unions or labor costs, as much as the wingnuts want to. Speculating in the derivative market, stupid business practices and being blinded by unadulterated greed is the culprit and what's eating at the foundation of America's economy.

These fuckers use working people like they use toilet paper.

Again, this is just the fucking Republican bastards putting their own greed and self-interests ahead of what's good for the country. Not one of those fuckers are worth the powder to blow them to Hell. Every night, I watch them bloviate and piss and moan about how 'socialist' Pres. Obama is. Do they know what that word even means?

This all reminds me of the Red Scare of my childhood. Behind every tree and bush was a Commie ready to circumvent 200 years of democracy by sheet magic. Thousands of people were ostracized and blacklisted because some where at some time, they were at a party or a meeting where someone else who was accused of being a Communist had been. What a fucking crock!

It's the Party of Fear and Ignorance. The GOP is as anti-American as Castro's left nut. Nothing would please them more than to have this country falter and spin into the abyss just so they can say "I told you so!" I would even go so far as to say that if John Boenner or Eric Cantor had evidence of a terrorist attack on a city like San Francisco, they would keep it to themselves. One, they could say 'I told you so!' and two, they could give a rat's nutsack about any of the residents of that American city. Every one of those bastards would cry alligator tears on the TV Box but high five each other in private.

Sen. Reid better let this bill come to a vote in the Senate, 60 votes or not. Let the American people see who's for and against it. Get some spine, Senator! Is it too much to ask to use some of the political capital we've given you. What are you fucking saving it for? A God damn rainy day?

So Mote It Be,
David A.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Great post, David.
The blowhard rightwing fucktards will do anything to keep the real working people of this country down. It's all part of their fascist designs.
And they'll use any means to reach their goal, not the least of which is lying to the public and stealing elections....or at least trying to; ie: Minnesota this last round.

One Fly said...

And the whore media allows them spew their lies time after time. Fuck each and every one of them and the horse they rode in on.

Limp dick Harry needs to go but that won't happen either.

Liberality said...

excellent rant here dude!

nunya said...

Thank God for the free podcast of Rachel Maddow. She covered this last night. I don't have cable, but I at least get to watch her show the next day. I enjoy every minute of it.