Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Super Bowl Hypocrisy

Woe is me!

I have seen the travesty that is Janet Jackson's breast. My life as a moral, upstanding citizen of this great nation is at risk. I must cast myself prone before the temple of All That Is Righteous and Profound and ask for penance from the High Ministers....

What a crock...

I cannot believe the hypocrisy of the American Media (like I have EVER thought otherwise). Janet Jackson, in case you've been in a refridgerator box for the last few days, was performing at Super Bowl halftime with that paragon of entertainment Justin Timberlake. On cue, at the finale', Justin reached over across her chest and pulled the covering from her bustier, exposing one full, nipple shield-covered tit. CBS cut away rather quickly.
The aftermath was similar to a car wreck. Every network wanker came out in veiled outrage at the event. They accused MTV, the promoter of the halftime show, of collusion. CBS's executives, always looking out for the moral welfare of America's children, blasted MTV and the dynamic duo, vowing to never let MTV stage another Super Bowl halftime again.
This from the same network that refused to air the MoveOn.org commercial 'Child's Pay' because it was an advocacy ad.
Bet they wish they'd shown the ad.

To top this travesty off, Michael Powell, the FCC chairman and the son of our Secretary of Dishonor, Colin Powell, has ordered an investigation of this affair. What better example of the Fox watching the Henhouse. We are expected to look the other way once again. They promise us that everything will be taken into consideration. The Government knows how to check these things out. Nevermind that the Bush Administration is currently stalling the Valerie Plame and 9-11 investigations. Nevermind that the Resident has been forced by public opinion to investigate the lack of WMD evidence (and his role in it) that authorized entry into the Iraq War. Nevermind that Chairman Powell advocates reducing the public's role in the administration of the airwaves and an increase in corporate ownership of local media. Nevermind that all of this points to a concerted effort on the Right to reduce the power of public review and increase the power of corporate control of areas previously held by the people.

When we bring ths up to our elected officials, what do they say?

Oh, the Horror!

Personally, I would rather see a hundred bare breasts on televsion than a single gunshot wound. Within a few hours of this flash, more than a hundred acts of violence were shown on various stations across the cable spectrum.
Where is the outrage?
When is a bare boob more damaging to a child's sensibilities than seeing a man get his face blown off?
In Europe, where nudity is more prevalent on telelvision, there are far fewer cases of violence, far fewer rapes and murders, far fewer reasons to strip the airwaves of maked bodies. Since when has a body part, especially a gender specific one, been deemed obscene?

IQ's are running at an all time low. Fear the Stupid!

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