Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is getting on my last nerve

Just seat the bitch already.

Roland Burris should be seated by the Senate as soon as fucking possible. Why? Because Reid and Durbin and the rest of the clown college fucked this episode up like the last Seinfeld.

Blago played them like an old tin whistle. Admit it, take your lumps - again - and move the fuck on.

Jesus H. Christ esq. we have a hellova lot of goddamn work to do. This shit is taking up valuable time.

Fuck me to tears, these assholes have no goddamn sense of reality.

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Update: I just can't leave this shit alone...

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the Shamanaqua response to the Blago/Burris Fiasco...

You know, I have so much hope for this administration. Sure, it's misplaced in a lot of ways and I am setting myself up for disappointment but I think I have to be optimistic. I know that I will disagree with a good portion of what Pres. Obama may end up doing to get us out of Bush's septic tank. He's in charge 'cause I voted to put him there. The economic recovery doesn't have to have the David Aquarius Seal of Approval to take place. Yet, some of my expectations are shared by a great majority of Americans. One of them is that my leaders show some courage and intelligence.

So, having put that out there I have but one question.

What the fuck is going on?

Jesus Christ on a Bicycle, can we refrain from looking like a bad clown circus for one fucking week? Great Goddess, does Harry Reid have ADD?

Here's a suggestion: Think BEFORE you make a decision.

OK, Harry... Nancy...Come over here a second. Here's a few facts that you may have forgotten in your quest for meekness.

One: the Republicans will distort anything you do to bring this country back to their control. It's in their DNA. They are NOT nice people. They do NOT put America first. They do NOT negotiate in good faith. They will stab you in the FRONT as they shake your hand. The Republicans are wounded and beaten. Remember the last eight years? Don't give them a hand up, step on their neck. They've bitten your helping hand every fucking time you held it out. Need another reason? How did the movie 'Old Yeller' end?

Two: We the People are watching. We aren't as clueless as we used to be. We have this rather unrealistic expectation to be foremost on your mind. We would like you to realize just WHO THE FUCK you work for.

Three: Fuck the Media. Fuck going on Fox News. Fuck putting your face in the cardboard hole so pundits can throw pies at you. When you do go on the air, is it too much to ask that you already have your statements PREPARED? What is the benefit of appearing on the Sunday talk shows and getting schooled by every mouthpiece out there including George Snuffleupyourass?

Four: Refer back to the headlines of Nov. 5th. You won the fucking election. Act like it.

So Mote It Be

David A.

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I hate to say this, and please forgive me for not noticing before now, but I never noticed your HOMEPAGE link in my comments.

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