Sunday, February 08, 2009

Got your back, Spocko!

The Vulcan is at it again!

Over at Spocko's Brain, the intrepid Vulcan is taking on the Crap Demon again. A couple of years ago, he took on the piss and vile that is the morning show on San Francisco's KSFO.

Officer Vic making a point.

The hosts of that waste of radio waves are especially cruel and vile right wing trash. They tried and almost succeeded in taking Spocko off the 'Net. His ISP at the time was cowed into suspending his site by Disney, which owned KSFO. In a clear violation of the Fair Use provision of the Copyright laws.

The EFF got his back then, we should be there for him now.

Update: His email to Molly Peck, National Advertising Manager, Chevrolet may have been screened so look up Ms. Peck in Google and promote it. That way she'll see it when she googles her name. Try every avenue you can think of to bring this to light.

So Mote It Be,
David A.

1 comment:

spocko said...

Thanks David!
You are the first! One thing that I've ALWAYS understood is the the linking from and support from the smaller blogs is very very powerful.

I'm honored to have you on my side.
P.S. Google Molly Peck, National Advertising Manager, Chevrolet

And see where it is on Google.
then Check CDL on Google Finance.

If my emails can't get through then they might just see this when they search for their own names.