Wednesday, February 25, 2009

State of the Union Speech... kinda...almost

Last night, while I toiled in the proverbial coal mine, Pres. Obama delivered his State of the Union speech that wasn't really a State of the Union speech 'cause it's February and he hasn't been president for a whole year yet and the tradition says it's in January.... aw, fuck it! He gave a damn good speech!

President Obama laid it out raw and made America stand up and take notice. He didn't mince words, he was as specific as he could be in this arena. He spoke to America like adults. We haven't had that kind of respect from a sitting president since The Big Dog left in 2000.

Now, about the Republican response...

What the fuck was that? Did I just see what I thought I saw? Booby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, just came on my monitor and puked all over my desk. What a fucking moron. Even the zipper strokers at Fox News saw this speech as the train wreck it was.

I'm with Rachel Maddow here. "Wha?"

Then this boob gets to the line about wasting money on volcano monitoring. Whoa, folks. Stop the bus! This shit is getting close to home here. My thoughts to Gov. Booby.

Speaking as someone who probably has about a pound and a half of Mt. St. Helens finest ash still in his lungs from THREE eruptions in 1980, I can unequivocally say: Fuck You, Bobby Jindal and the gilded horse you rode in on!

So, you don't think volcano monitoring is important.

Tell that to the people of Orting, WA who stage volcano drills every year in case Mt. Rainier decides to blow. Then, saunter out to the Tacoma tideflats where the dirt you'd be standing on came from within the mountain just a few thousand years ago.

That's called lahar, Gov. It's a pyroclastic mudslide that sweeps over an area at breakneck speeds (100mph) and can be as hot as 500°F. Let them eat mud, eh Gov?

If a repeat of the last lahar were to happen now, there would be at least 500,000 to a million people at risk of being parboiled in volcanic soup. Unless they are warned.

So, Governor Jindal of Louisiana, home of New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, take a long hard look at our president and see what real leadership is. Then, take both hands, reach around and grab hold of your worthless ass and haul it the fuck out of the way. You and your GOP cohorts are nothing but potholes on the road to recovery.

Portions of this post first appeared as a comment at Hoffmania. Gotta love the Hoff!

So Mote It Be,
David A.

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Labrys said...

Say it again...louder. Jindal and the rest of the obstructionists need to be introduced to know, those things they use to pull stuck babies out of birth canals? Cause, babies is what they are acting like, and they sure as hell are stuck.