Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flush the Rush

This shit is embarrassing.

For eight years, they were the king makers, the power elite. These people tortured, stole, trampled the Constitution and made war against any who opposed them. They went out of their way to prove just how rugged and tough they were by clearing brush, watching NASCAR, going to county fairs, and wearing padded flight suits.

Well, surprise, surprise... it's was all an act.

Our Republican lawmakers talk a good game but have spines made of Jell-O. They're pissing all over themselves to keep from crossing that fat bastard, Rush Limpballs. They squeal and scream like a bunch of tweenie girls at a horror movie when he speaks. They can't disagree, they won't disagree. No way, no how.

Look what happened to Michael Steele.

He criticized Limpballs, called his show ugly and got hammered. He was so quick in retracting his statement, his little pee-pee must've got whiplash. He handed over his jimmies so fast, FedEx couldn't have done better. Who could've guessed that Rush Limpballs was such a big collector of testicles?

At the presser yesterday, Robert Gibbs tosses it back to the meager press to find out who owns the Republican lawmakers balls.

I thought the Democrats were spineless. At least some of us have no problem straying from the herd. Damn inconvenient it may be, but at least we have some independent thinkers. Like Gibbs, I want to hear from the lips of Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, and the rest of the GOP congressional leadership if they agree with Limpballs that they want the president to fail.

Just one question, that's all. George Snuffleupyourass, Chris Wallace (yeah, right), David Gregory, any of those clowns on the Sunday talk shows should ask this one question and gauge the response. Get a picture of their nuts beforehand, 'cause they'll soon be snuffed out of existence.

Here's to the party of Lincoln Limbaugh. This would be entertaining if it wasn't so fucking pathetic.

Update: Add another set to your collection, Rush. Apparently, Rep. Cantor is giving his up.

So Mote it Be,


Grandpa Eddie said...

Great post, David.

I posted part of this at my blog to get my readers to come over here to read your post.

Thanks for puttin' this post up.

One Fly said...

This whole thing with the pig boy is pretty amazing. The fail thing needs to be used against every repug frequently. Let this fat ass keep flapping his jowls as it only helps us.

Bustednuckles said...

Divide and conquer.
Apparently they forgot that part, they used it so effectively all these years.