Monday, May 18, 2009

The Supremes confirm it! Fed law does not trump state law

San Diego County in the great state of California was sent packing today by the US Supreme Court. They have been trying for three years to overturn California's medical marijuana law, especially the part that says they have to issue patient ID cards. This fine bit of news was lifted off the NORML website. Paul Armentano does a better job of running down the goods on the ramifications of this decision.

"Let’s be blunt: San Diego and San Bernardino’s protracted lawsuits — lawsuits that arguably cost county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and jeopardized the health and safety of thousands (if not tens of thousands) of citizens — were never about resolving legal ambiguity."

This is the kind of push back we have to expect from the Prohibitionists. They won't go quietly into that good night. There are still a lot of people in positions of power who will do anything and everything to keep us from ending this travesty of justice. The tide is mostly in our favor right now, but it can turn in a bleeding heart beat. There are folks out there who wouldn't think twice about falsifying evidence or highlighting some innocuous bong hit by a suspected serial killer just to put the spectre of 'reefer madness' back on marijuana. It ain't over yet.

The ending of prohibition will have far reaching effects throughout the law enforcement community. Many cops will be relieved that they no longer have to be tied down to low-ball busts and paperwork. Others will be upset because prosecution of marijuana has been a financial boon to many law enforcement agencies through abatements and seizures of property and assets.

In addition to the law enforcement issues, states and counties will have to contend with hundred, if not thousands, of people applying for medical marijuana cards. In Oakland, there's an Oaksterdam University campus right next door to a Green Cross distributor and a medical clinic where ID cards and prescriptions can be obtained. Doesn't seem too hard to get a card.

This is why Prohibition must end. We will find ways of obtaining our weed, by hook or by crook. Why force millions of otherwise law abiding citizens to run afoul of the law just because they want to sit and relax with a pipe and a munchie?

The tide is turning so we have to be extra vigilant to keep the rhetoric on our side and counter every sound bite and bullshit Faux News report about marijuana's role in the downfall of America.

So Mote It Be,
David A.


One Fly said...

Agreed David-good post. Obama didn't help matters with his comment and chuckle.

Grandpa Eddie said...

This is one of the first steps in a very long journey. It's a start, and a damn good one.

nunya said...

I knew you would catch this one before I did :)

I'm so glad Jacob got her butt handed to her again, wooo hoooo!

David Aquarius said...

Ed, you're correct, sir. This is just the first step in a long road to travel. there are still lots of folks who'll give their left nut to keep pot illegal. They do whatever they can to keep 'Reefer Madness' the law of the land.

Nunya, so many of the communities run by knuckle draggers can't wrap their head around the fact that medical marijuana is a reality. They still only see Jeff Spicoli or Cheech and Chong whenever the word marijuana is mentioned. Back Assward politicians like this should be shown the door and tossed to the road.

This is our time, folks. The Repugs stole it from us in 2000 and trashed the place good. Now, we kicked them out and have a huge fucking mess to clean up.

Better get busy on it because if we don't they'll be back to do it again.

nunya said...

They are relentless aren't they?