Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah 'FAIL'in

In an attempt to steal the limelight from Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin committed political suicide on national television yesterday. Pundits from across the spectrum have been spinning this like a set of dishes at a cheap vaudeville show.

There's brewing evidence that a landslide of grief is coming down Mount Wasilla right on top of her new house on Lake Louise. Seems good ol' boy Todd got hisself some sweet deals from a contractor while he and his 'buddies' built their pretty new home on the lake. More like free building materials.

Then, as a way of rewarding good public service, or better put - servicing the public - this company got the prime bid on the Wasilla Sports Complex built while she was mayor. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Wasilla have only a few thousand folks?

WTF do they need with a $13M sports complex? That is unless you have a willing contractor, a corrupt family of political hacks and a ready supply of free gov't money. Then, why the fuck not?

I come from a small town about the same size as Wasilla. They couldn't gather $13 million to build a sports complex without taxing the hell out of the unemployed loggers and orchardists that live there. They couldn't gather $13. I'm also sure that any attempt at such an action would result in mass lynchings of city officials. Why would Wasilla be any different?

Oh, yes... they have Sarah! She's as pure as the driven snow. And you know what snow looks like after it's been driven on.

The clocks are ticking on Sarah Palin's future. Some say she's quitting to prep for 2012. Bullshit, she's toast. She won't even get an invite to the convention by the time the dust settles on her. This scandal is still perculating, not ready to boil over yet, but Shannyn Moore in Alaska says the smart money is on total FAIL!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

So Mote It Be,
David A.

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